About Us

We're creative

Our creative skills have been employed by some of the worlds leading ad agencies and multi-national promoting everything from Accountancies to Zoo's

We're professional

From drawing boards to computers we have been professional designers and marketing specialist, earning our stripes in design studios around the globe

We're very experienced

We have a maturity that exceeds most of our competitors which means we have the knowledge to make your designs work.

Try Linux

We've added the video above to show just how easy it is to embed a video onto the page. You may, however, also find the information about Linux distributions interesting. It's sworth trying this completely free operating system on your own computers,

Our work

Unlike most designers we only use open source operating systems and programs, which integrates quickly and efficiently with out Linux based servers

Unlike our peers we are not tied into expensive software updates nor hindered by the limitations of Windows and Apple. Our open source facilities means we have access to the innovators throughout the world, who develop and expand on our original coding and allow us continuous use of their developments.

Which in laymens terms means that the costs to our clients are considerably lower than most other design houses.

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Scribus Artwork

Effective Artwork

Having ditched Quark Express for Scribus, we find our production levels have increased considerably. No longer constrained by kerning and specific type sizes we can now produce work quickly and efficiently at considerably lower costs.

We have been completely free of either Windows or AppleMac since 2014 and offering our clients competitive design rates since 2011

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Our Services

Responsive Designs

We specialise in Bootstrap design coding which produces amasing free flowing design and graphics. More importantly we can hand code faster using Ubuntu software.

Open Cart Solutions

Forget Magenta and Volution, Open Cart is the best solution for low cost shopping carts. We also have connections to ILG for distribution facilities and API integration.

Media & Advertisement

Our experience gained in the days of drawing boards and typesetters means we are not contrained by modern design technology. We can draw and illustrate!

Graphic Design

Good graphic design shouldn't be about the limitations of the computer program, we always start with ideas on paper, then produce those ideas in digital.


The internet isn't like the high street where every other shop is your competition. Networking to similar industries puts Google in "link heaven" & increases your positioning.

Search Engines

Effective SEO isn't about purchasing adword placements. It is about using the correct keywords and content to ensure Google finds you for everything you do and sell.

Our Skills


All our web work is now responsive.


Open Source

Everything we do is now Linix based.


Scribus and The Gimp allow us more creativity


Beware anyone who claims they can get you 1st on Google's pages.

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Contact Details

We prefer phone calls as we can then discuss your requirements immediately but if you prefer contacting us by email, the form here should help

East Street, Littlehampton, BN17 6AX
Phone: +44 1903 739046
Mobile: +44 07907 477257
Email: chas@chasalexander.com
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